John Milton



Deighton Bell, 1973


Designed and printed by Sebastian Carter at the Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge, UK, for Deighton, Bell & Co., Cambridge, UK.

Published in an edition of 400 standard copies and 100 specials.


This is a typographically stunning piece of work!

This handsome folio, produced for the Cambridge bookseller Deighton, Bell & Co., amply showcases the typographic mastery so inherent in Rampant Lions Press productions. The edition, of which mine is one of the 100 specials finely bound in full black leather, is masterful in its setting. Carter decided to separate the text so that Miltons main argument is set throughout in large Palatino type, while the intervening parts of less importance or relevance are set double-column in a much smaller size of Plantin Light. Not only does this allow the reader to easily choose between reading all of the text or just the heart of it, but it looks really good, too. The setting of this edition looks effortless, but personal experience of such less-than-straightforward typesetting lets me know otherwise. Printed to the highest of standards on a heavy, textured mould-made from Barcham Green, this really is a particularly handsome looking book. I honestly dont know why I took so long to get round to buying a copy of this, but now that I have it has quickly become one of my favourites from the Press.



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