Simon Armitage



Andrew J. Moorhouse, 2013


Designed and printed by John Grice at Evergreen Press, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK, for Andrew J. Moorhouse, Rochdale, UK.

Published in an edition of 150 standard copies, 26 de luxe copies and 7 presentation specials.

(Although the published edition would easily make this list, this entry specifically refers to one of a very few special unpublished copies that were printed on handmade paper and full bound in leather with silver titling on the spine. It also differs from the published version by not featuring the engraving facing the title page, which was a late addition to the book, added after these copies had been printed.)


This is a truly wonderful fine press edition of poetry. Everything about it is all that’s good in a modern fine press publication. The text, illustrations, materials and typography are all first class, and come together to make a visual delight. The printer, the ever-talented John Grice at Evergreen Press, sent me early proof sheets of the text to read, thinking I’d enjoy the poems. He was not wrong. I thought them stunning.

In a following discussion with John regarding the finer points of the project, I asked if he would print a special copy for me on one of the vintage Barcham Green handmade papers that I knew he’d recently acquired, feeling that it would make for an exquisite ‘upgrade’ to the Zerkall mould-made that the edition was to be printed on. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with Zerkall, and the published edition looks supremely handsome on it, but I thought that it would look particularly stunning on a Barcham Green. Grice kindly agreed to my request, and printed a couple of sets of the sheets on Barcham Green Langley wove, which were then bound as I’d asked mine to be, in full navy leather.

When I eventually received my copy from Grice I was bowled over by it; it looked gorgeous on the Barcham Green, and the binding was most handsome. What really made it special was when I asked him how much I owed for it and he replied, ‘nothing’. He’d me sent this beautiful and valuable rarity as a gift!




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