Emily Hancock and Emily Dickinson


St Brigid Press, 2016


Designed and printed by Emily Hancock at St Brigid Press, Afton, Virginia, USA.

Published in an edition of 65 copies.


Following on from the wonderful Soundings, Emily Hancock has just published another particularly stunning little book of poems (both her own and Emily Dickinson’s) that much deserves a place here. The design is particularly noteworthy, with its subtle, muted colours and delicate nature prints from a variety of meadow grasses. The presswork – the first proper labours from her recently acquired Ostrander-Seymour iron handpress – is also very fine indeed. There are just a handful of brief nature poems presented here, but they are lovely pieces and make for pleasant reading. As enjoyable as the texts are, it is, in my opinion, the physical aspects of this edition that make it stand out. It is a charming item that pays the most careful attention to detail (the slight colour fade of the printed background tints is a particularly nice touch). Its design has clearly been very well thought through and the materials are wonderfully tactile, especially the copies on the heavier, textured Rives paper (although the presswork is marginally better on the smoother Zerkall copies). The result is a visual and tactile treat of an edition.

All the items I have so far from St Brigid Press, whether booklets, broadsheets or ephemera, are of the highest quality in content, design and execution. I have rarely come across such a superb standard of work at such an early stage in the output of a press and I eagerly await forthcoming editions.




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