Phil Madden and Paul L. Kershaw


Grapho Editions, 2015


Designed and printed by Paul L. Kershaw at Grapho Editions, Ripon, Yorkshire, UK.

Published in an edition of 60 copies.


As far as I’m concerned Paul L. Kershaw can do little wrong, and this latest offering from his Grapho Editions only cements my conviction that he is one of the finest, most pleasingly creative letterpress artisans working today.

It is very difficult to write about The Amphibious Place without gushing, as I find it to be one of the most, if not the most, exquisite examples of fine press available of late. It is a stunning example of what can be done with letterpress and it rightly picked up two major awards at the 2015 Oxford Fine Press Book Fair.

As I wrote in my Books of the Moment entry for Grapho Editions’ earlier publication, Paths, it is incredibly difficult to describe the wonder of the pages of The Amphibious Place, and only a hands-on sampling will really show how extraordinary it is. The intricacies and subtleties are numerous, making for a volume that rewards the senses with each opening. The poems, papers, types, colours, wood engravings and variously created artwork printed from photopolymer plates are almost beyond criticism.

There is something very special about all three of the Phil Madden / Paul L. Kershaw collaborations from Grapho Editions that make them instantly important to the letterpress arts scene. Each takes the envelope from its predecessor and pushes it much further, leaving you wondering where the next will go, and just how astonishing the next will be.




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