Adam Thorpe


Incline Press, 2016


Designed and printed by Graham Moss at Incline Press, Oldham, UK.

Published in an edition of 200 copies.


This is a most interesting offering from Incline Press, both textually and aesthetically, that easily makes my Books of the Moment list.

The textual content is superb, particularly the poems, but also the introductory texts that the poet has written for each poem, which are a seldom-seen and most welcome addition. Each poem, along with its introductory text, is set in a different typeface suitable to that poem so as to give each its own visual character. The first poem, set in Bell, is a marvellous bookish’ piece about Joseph Cottle, the first printer and publisher of Wordsworth and Coleridge’s Lyrical Ballads. The second poem, set in Perpetua, is a visually rich atmospheric piece about Paris’ famous Montmartre Cemetery.

The booklet is finely illustrated throughout with bold single-colour linocuts by John Watson, although the second poem also features a full page three-colour linocut, signed by Watson underneath. They are great examples of the medium, but then linocuts are something of a feature in many Incline Press books, almost to the point where you could say they are one of the trademarks of the Press.

Materials-wise, the edition is spot-on, with a lovely pale beige irregular laid Zerkall mould-made paper for the text pages, and covers of Amate, a gorgeous and tactile Mexican handmade paper made from hammered wood bark fibre that looks and feels wonderful.


With such high quality text, illustration, typography, design, materials and presswork, this is a really great all-rounder that should appeal to a high percentage of lovers of fine press.




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